Sweet Art of Cake

By Anna

My name is Anna, I’m a Filipino and I live in Australia. I’m married and have a 22 months old son. I started to make basic cakes last 2016. I turned that love of eating cake into the love of baking and decorating for others. And I always like to be creative and artistic, so I put my creativeness in my baking and decorating to elevate my cakes to the next level. When it comes to baking and decorating, I have memories to count. I’ve always love to bake and decorate cakes for people because it gives me wonderful feelings to see them happy with the cakes I made. When I think about decorating cakes, I’m not just imagining a cake but imagining a family and a group of friends coming together to share the cake and build memories with one another. With every cake I bake and spend hours decorating, love and patience are very important ingredients. This passion for baking and decorating gives me reasons to learn more.  

On March 2019, I created the Sweet Art of Cake video tutorials to share my recipes, ideas, and techniques with people interested in baking. 

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